Did you know that 7 out of 10 of our users who began negotiating with us in 2017 they got up to 35% discount.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q : How to acquire one of our domains ?

R : To buy any of our domains see if there is a buy now button, if there is no button, you must make an offer. If you are looking to leasing one of our domains, then you must make a request using the contact form on the domain page. 

Q : How to acquire one of our domains through Escrow domain services?

R : Before clicking on the purchase button we recommend you read "How to buy a domain name with Escrow"

Q : Can i make an offer to domains that have already set a price ?

R : Yes, If the domain has a fixed price, you must offer at least 50% of the price

Q : What forms of payment do you offer?

All payments must be made through Escrow.com . We do not accept direct payments through Paypal or any other payment platform, but Note that

Q : Can i hire the services of a domain broker?

Yes, keep in mind that there will be no changes in the policies described above.

Q : How long it takes to get the domain?

The time may vary depending on the day in which you made the payment to Escrow. We recommend that before making the payment, send all the questions to the escrow service.

Q : Can I get a refund?

Yes, All of our domains have three ( 3 ) days of review, time in which you can request a refund, Keep in mind that within those days, your payment to one has not been sent to us, what it means, your refund request will be handled by the escrow service and not for us.